08 August, 2011

It is NOT enough to be a Virgin

There is this TV drama I used to watch daily between 9 and 10 am. Like most sitcoms, you have to follow the story to understand it properly. If however, you miss out on a day or two, you’d still get by. As a result of my unemployed state and ignorance at the time, (post University, pre-NYSC) I invested a large chunk of my time on entertainment/reality TV. In my deluded opinion, staying glued to TV was a way of acquainting me with current affairs {yeah right}.

Sometimes however, due to circumstances beyond my control, I don’t get to watch this sit-com. As a dependent relative; I had to run errands in return for the “free” food and accommodation I was privileged to enjoy. Even though I often tried to schedule my chores and errands in a way that freed up the hours 9-10am, I wasn’t always lucky.
On a particular day for instance, I went to bed at about 3am after seeing one film after the other (how time flies) and woke up at 7am only to discover there was no power supply [NEPA!]. Next thing, there’s this noise from the neighbors and “poorh”. At that moment, I would have given anything, ANYTHING; to get a generator, UPS, battery, inverter; anything… “Just to watch my favorite program” Tough Luck!
It was then that it struck me, “the five foolish virgins discussed in Matthew missed the wedding and the bridegroom because they did not have oil in their lamps. I missed my program because I had neither electric power supply, nor power reserve or power generator, even though the program was running. If only I had oil at the time, I would have watched my program.
Why didn’t the foolish virgins buy oil earlier? Why didn’t they think ahead? Why don’t we think ahead and make plans for the future? Laziness? Ignorance? Slothfulness? Or just plain folly?

As Christians, we need oil in our lamps daily to survive and/or function. We cannot afford to run out of oil because it is the oil that connects us to our destiny. The five foolish virgins had their lamps and every other requirement, including their status as virgins, but because they did not have oil, they did not see the bridegroom. It is not enough to be a virgin, or possess a lamp (religion or other); we need oil all the time. Just like it was not enough for me to have a TV at home or a burning desire to watch it, I needed to have electricity/power to do so.

I. The (foolish) virgins eventually got the oil and NEPA restored power; but it was too late.
II. The virgins missed the wedding and their chance of getting married, because the bridegroom had come and left before their return. I missed my TV drama because it had ended before power was restored.
III. The neighbors could not supply me with power from their generator (not that I asked, but you get the drift); the five wise virgins could not help the five foolish virgins.
The only way to beat the system is to be prepared for future challenges (downsizing and rightsizing). Preparation is Key...these things happen! Tomorrow might be too late. Today, when you hear His voice, harden not your heart. It is NOT enough to be a virgin

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sharon said...

I read this a few days ago but didn't comment. It it a thought-provoking post. God has put certain things in us; we all have a purpose in life-what God has ordained for us to accomplish. If we do not succeed in that we'll be like the foolish virgin. Many of us need 2 stop burying our talents. I know I do. Thanks for this post girl.