23 February, 2012

Winning the Rat Race ===> the DLA Effect

On more than one occasion, I have been told by friends from my past that they don’t hear my voice in my write-things. Errrrrrrmmm (I think) I can explain *mischievous grin*. Three things happened over time:

2. I started drinking i.e. getting filled (not only with The Spirit but also with wine and other spirits)
3. Daystar Leadership Academy (Basic Leadership School)

The focus of this discourse is the last point: Daystar Leadership Academy

In a bid to get out of the woods (my hunting days) I did a lot of ‘german-german’! By this I mean I was like a drowning man, clutching tightly to every straw. *1Getting a job is a job! As a matter of fact, by the time I finally got a job, I realized that doing the work itself IS MORE WORK than getting it! *2In no time, I realized that it’s more difficult maintaining/sustaining success than attaining it. Thankfully though, I had (have) something (knowledge) to break my fall from the impending RAT RACE.

The sessions I had at Daystar Leadership Academy helped Mee a great deal…at least the bit I put into practice. It is one thing to be taught, it’s quite another to imbibe and apply the lessons. If we choose to, we (can) (should) learn something every day. If we fail to, LIFE will be full of nothing but hard knocks, and that (a hard knock) is often better heard than felt (experienced).

I cannot speak about the New Generation Tertiary Institutions, but I cannot remember many things I was (overtly) taught back in School that are applicable to the ‘real world’ for which we were supposedly being prepared. Considering the fact that I was in The Social Sciences, I wonder how people who studied some other courses like “Zoo” are coping in the real world! We can see how well the Project Manager of the Nigerian Project, who has a PhD in Zoo is faring! God help and guide us all. “Ori lo mo ise asela”

But then again, like Father said to Mee when I opted to drop out of School (before the approval to leave Medical School for The Social Sciences) University Education is to train the mind. The discipline of attending classes, writing exams, confining you to a curriculum and working with others plus participation in departmental politics and students’ unionism is a great avenue for ‘real world’ preparation. Looking at it that way, school was/is/was/is/was not a waste of time…

However, with respect to time management and finances, err … I had it coming. Attending lectures for instance was not (usually) mandatory and no one monitored how I spent MY money. After all, I was a student privileged to spend Father’s ‘hard earned’ money. (Nail biting: I can see clearly now) Back then, I had more money than sense though, chei. *Sadly, the man no even ’gree send Mee money again* (But like most we-men, I’ve got a backup plan - the receipts are piling ;)

Anyways, school was fun even though I did not really realize it back then. I had fun, but it could have been better. I was eager like so many other people to get to the other side that I failed to live and enjoy the moment. (The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake … Ariel’s advice to the Little Mermaid). OH Yes, I love Walt Disney Films, they are DEEP!

(Sigh) this is about Daystar Leadership Academy

Experience, they say, is the best teacher and I totally agree. However, it does not have to be yours. As a result, I always (always?) strive to avail myself of learning from others. As a matter of fact, back in school, I so availed myself of others that I almost did not have to read. By simply attending discussions or having someone break down a course material, I was fine! This doesn’t work for everybody though, some people just gat to read … (head shaking) mo s’ope temi!

OMG this IS about Daystar!!! iSigh

DLA Basic Leadership Course
• Lecture venue: Plot A3c Ikosi Road, beside GTBank Oregun Ikeja Lagos
• Lecture Period: Monday 5 – Friday 23 March 2012
• 8:00 am – 1:30 pm
• Download forms online at www.dlaonline.org
• Pick hard copies at 71 Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun
• Tuition fee: NGN 7000

In my days, tuition was 5K and that money hard me ehn, LOL. But in retrospect, it was worth it. That 5k has earned and saved Mee over 5k. Time spent was not wasted but invested. Not that I had any other thing keeping Mee particularly busy at the time though (movies yeah). But the discipline of waking up early and attending ‘school’ again was err … a great discipline! That’s work init? All the best in your hunt(for those who are bent on hunting)!!! Getting a job is a job!

*1Yeah, I think y’all should grab a copy of that book as well.

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